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Umbanda in Multimedia exhibit to promote religious tolerance

September 23, 2012

On October 16th a mass march for religious freedom in Rio de Janeiro along Rio’s Copacabana beach drew more than 200,000 people, according to CONIB, the umbrella group representing Brazil’s Jewish communities.

10 days later in New York “when much of the Jewish community was still bolting bagels and lox to break the Yom Kippur fast, about 50 Jews were taking in the art and music of Umbanda, an eclectic religion unique to Brazil, at a downtown gallery,” wrote The Jewish Week.

Ticún Brasil curated selection of photographs depicting Umbanda rituals, images were projected to large baloons transforming the gallery’s space and creating the immersible environment.

Umbanda in Multimedia at FB Gallery
©Francois Baron

‘Umbanda reveals isomorphisms and similarities between so many cultures that it can be seen as exemplar of coexistence.’ says Mel Alexenberg, head of the Emuna College School of the Arts in Jerusalem in his “Educating artists for the future”.

Photo by Bruno Morais/Pandilla Fotográfica

The exhibit featured works by acclaimed Brazilian artists: Antonio Bokel (paintings), Marcello Vitorino, Daniel Protzner and A Pandilla collective (photography).

Live performances by Café da Silva (Umbanda percussion) and Yesenia Selier (spirits of the ancestors dance) brought the vibes of Afro-Brazilian mysticism to downtown Manhattan.

Yesenia Selier (Dance of the Yemanja) and Café da Silva (percussion) at Umbanda in Multimedia
©Alexander Ra

Discussion of religious tolerance and Jewish volunteering in Brazil followed the performance.

©Alexander Ra

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